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Tax-Free Retirement for All

Tax-Free Retirement

With a Tax-Free TFRA Account…
√ You don’t pay taxes on growth or principal. Ever.
(This is 100% legal if your TFRA account is set up correctly, and structured according to current IRS tax-code.)
√ You earn 30-40 times more interest than with a regular bank account. 
(Historically, qualified individuals earned 2-7% a year.)
√ Your interest rate is guaranteed
 ( Your money grows at the same yearly rate as when you opened your account— even if the market crashes).
√ Your money is Liquid
(All money put into and made in your account is cash—you can withdraw any amount—at any time—without penalty).
√ You are not required to report earnings to the IRS
 (The IRS doesn’t classify income as “income” inside this kind of account. Not Uncle Sam’s Business.)



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